Used-Car Pre-purchase Evaluation:
Relying on an AutoCheck or CARFAX report about the used-car you may be purchasing could be a major mistake! Auto Insurers DO NOT report all damaged vehicles. Call us for this evaluation when shopping for a used-car to make sure you are not buying a used-car that has prior damage, whether a wreck or flood!

Used-Car Failure to Disclose of Damages Evaluation:
This service is for ANY used-car buyer (consumer or car-dealer) that has purchased a used-car where a third party verification is needed for litigation against the seller of the used-car. This evaluation involves an inspection of the vehicle, photographic and written documentation, vehicle history search using DMV records of the previous owners of the vehicle, other state, AutoCheck / CARFAX reports and more. This will include a Diminished Value appraisal of the value of the vehicle. This evaluation will be quoted and a retainer will be required before work begins.